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     Fly fishing equipment is different than the equipment you would use for general fishing. When fly fishing, the objective is to emulate the visual of a fly that is hovering above the water line and consistently moves or emerges just beneath the water line. It is an acquired skill that is developed with practice and it isn't always easy.

     Fly fishing is a form of fishing where a long cast is achieved using the weight of the line, rather than the weight of the lure. An artificial fly is hand-tied to the hook and used as bait. Fly line is a weighted line that is cast out into the water at various lengths and distances. Fly line comes in various densities and tapers. Fly fishing uses a fly rod to cast the fly line attached to a leader. The fly is almost weightless, which is why the important factor is the line.

     There are six main parts which make up a complete set of fly fishing equipment. These pieces of sports equipment include: the fly, the fly line, the leader, the rod, the backing, and the reel.